Customer Service Timescales

Written Communication Target Response Time (all within)

Time taken to reply to your letter (including those sent through My Home)

If we cannot reply to your letter in 5 days, we will let you know we've received itand respond in full

5 working days

(10 working days if we have contacted you to let you know we cannot respond in 5 working days)

Statutory requests (for example, and application for an exchange, to add a joint tenant, sublet, etc)  
Acknowledgement 2 working days

Full response

20 working days
Respond to your texts 1 working day
Reply to your Facebook comment
1 working day
Full Tenant Consultations  
Respond to individual comments 20 working days
Feedback to all tenants on outcome
3 months
Stage 1 5 working days

Stage 2

3 working days (acknowledgement)
20 working days (full response)

Appeals Against Decisions  

1st Appeal

2 working days (acknowledgement)
10 working days (full response)
2nd Appeal

3 working days (acknowledgement)
20 working days (full response)

Neighbour Complaints - initial response to complaint  
Category A - very serious, e.g. violence involved 3 working days
Category B - serious or persistent issues 5 working days
Category C - routine
10 working days
Routine Repairs 10 working days
Urgent Repairs 3 working days
Emergency Repairs
2 hours
Phone Calls  
Answer the telephone 6 rings
Respond to voicemail
1 working day
Office Meetings  
By appointment We will see you on time
Appointment required You will get an appointment within 1 week

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