Rent Payment Options

Paying Your Rent

Your rent is due on the 1st of each month and should be paid in advance. If it is easier to pay weekly or fortnightly you can do so, and you can let us know by changing the 'Pay Rent' date in my My Home calendar to the date your rent account will be clear each month (for example, if you pay weekly, you should have a clear rent account by the 28th of each month).  If you have an arrangement to pay your rent later in the month, or spread over the month, this does not mean that your rent is not due until that date, it just means that we will not pursue you for the arrear, as long as you maintain your arrangement.

You can pay your rent in the following ways:

On-line Payments/Direct Debit

Please log into your My Home account to make an on-line card payment, or to set up a direct debit.  You will also find information for making an instant bank payment, if you are unable to make a card payment.

Rent Collector

Rent Collector is a powerful mobile app you can use to pay your rent.  The app allows you to access your My Home account data and your bank account data securely.  You can set up payment reminders to display on certain days or dates, when your wages go into your account, when you've received a UC payment, or, if you have a variable income, when your bank balance reaches a certain level.

To find out more, visit the Rent Collector information page Payment Cards

We can send you an card which can be used at any Post Office or shop displaying the Paypoint logo.

Find My Nearest Post Office

Find my Nearest Paypoint

You can use to pay over the telephone using a debit or credit card. Call the 24 hour automated system on: 0870 243 6040 and have your card to hand. You will be guided through the process. You can pay online by logging into the website using your debit card. 

At Our Office

We can accept cash and card payments at our office.