Subletting & Lodgers


If you are going away from home for a short time and do not want to leave your house empty, you have the right to sub let it, provided we give our permission. If we approve your sub let you will still be responsible for the tenancy including paying the rent and the behaviour of your sub tenant. We normally allow a sublet for 6 months but we may agree to extend this to 12 months.


If you have enough room in your home you may want to take in a lodger. A lodger is a person who is not a relative but lives with you and pays rent to you. You have the right to take in a lodger but must first get our permission. We can only refuse if we have reasonable grounds for doing so.

If you get Housing Benefit or Universal Credit you must tell the Council or DWP that you have a lodger as this will affect the amount of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit you receive. 

To apply to take in a lodger or to sublet your home, please select the appropriate link below and log in to My Home to complete the application form.

Apply to take in a lodger

Apply to sublet