Application Limits

Circumstances Which May Affect Your Application

Application Restrictions

Some properties will be advertised with restrictions, meaning that only certain categories of applicants will be considered. This will be clearly stated in the advert.

Priority Passes

You can, if you wish, apply for a Priority Pass. Please note that we only issue Priority Passes to people with a high level of housing need. Many applicants will not qualify for a Priority Pass. This does not mean you cannot apply for properties.

Learn more about Priority Passes


If you have residential access to children who do not live with you full time you will need to provide evidence of this with your registration form. Evidence can either be a court order, a letter from your solicitor or a letter from the child’s main carer.

If the child(ren) live with you for 4 or more nights a week, we will expect that you are receiving Child Benefit and/or Child Tax Credits. We would require evidence of this with your registration form.

If you are pregnant you will need to send a letter from your doctor or other health professional confirming your pregnancy.

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