Rental Exchange

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The Rental Exchange is a service provided by Experian, which allows tenants in social housing to have their rent payments taken into consideration for a credit rating.  This means that tenants will be able to build up a better credit history every month by simply paying their rent.  This can also benefit tenants who have arrears, as it shows a history of debt repayment. 

A good credit rating means that tenants can access much better credit agreements, e.g. someone with no credit history, will probably only be able to buy a new sofa from somewhere like Brighthouse, which charges a great deal of interest, while someone with a fair or good tenant rating may qualify for a low or 0% interest deal from a reputable business.

You can opt out of the Rental Exchange at any time.  If you do so, we may ask you to meet with our Money Adviser, who can help you sort out any money problems.

Read the Rental Exchange Privacy Agreement