Garden Care Scheme

To apply to join the Garden Care Scheme, click the link below to login to My Home and complete the application form, or contact your Housing Officer.

Apply to join the Garden Care Scheme

The Garden Care Scheme provides basic garden maintenance for elderly or disabled tenants. The level of maintenance includes grass cutting, hedge trimming, and occasional weed spraying.  Tree maintenance is not included in this service.  If you require tree maintenance, you will have to arrange for and pay for this yourself.

This is a free service for tenants over the age of 70, who do not have anyone living with them who can maintain the garden. The service is also available for tenants who are medically unable to care for their garden. In these cases we may require evidence of your medical condition before we can add you to the service.

After we receive your application, we will arrange a visit to assess the current condition of your garden, and the level of maintenance it requires.