Garages & Garage Plots

We have garages and also some plots where you can put up a garage in some of our areas. If you want to rent a garage or garage plot, we advertise them on our available properties page.

  • First priority will be given to our tenants
  • If no tenants apply, priority will be given to applicants living close to the garage
  • Disabled applicants will be prioritised within the above two groups
  • If there is more than one applicant with equal priority, the garage will be allocated to the person who applied first

There are no succession rights to garage leases. We will however give priority to spouses and co-habitee if the tenant dies and the partner wants to continue with the lease.

We will normally advertise available garages on our Other Properties for Rent page.

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We will only grant permission to erect garages which can be dismantled on our garage plots.