How We Measure and Report Performance

Measuring Our Performance

We produce a range of information on our performance for both internal and external use.  One of the most important and useful measures is our Large Scale Tenant Satisfaction Survey, currently produced every 3 years, the results of which are discussed with our Tenant Involvement Group (TIG-Panel) to produce an Action Plan to address any areas where our performance falls below the standards we and TIG set. We also set ourselves customer service targets, and monitor our performance against these.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Customer Service Standards

Our performance is also measured externally against the guidelines laid out in the Scottish Social Housing Charter (SSHC), which is reported to the SHR in the Annual Return on the Charter (ARC).  Our performance on the Charter measures is compared against all other Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in Scotland.  You can access all of our performance information on the SHR website, or use the link below.

ELHA's Performance Information

Scottish Social Housing Charter

ARC Report to Tenants

Although we have always reported our performance to tenants, the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 introduced a legal requirement on all RSLs to report their performance against the Charter requirements to tenants.  This was formerly our 'How We're Doing' booklet, which can be found under Downloads.  In 2019 we introduced our new Performance 365 micro-site, where monthly and annual performance is published.

How We're Doing Archive

Performance 365

KPIs and Performance Reports

Clearly, internal performance monitoring is essential to ensure that we meet the standards we have set ourselves and are able to identify potential problems at an early stage.  We monitor performance internally on a monthly basis and we report to our Management Committee (or a relevant Sub-Committee) quarterly on how well we are meeting performance targets, called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Below is the template used to inform the Committee of our performance over the year.

KPI Template

Comments & Complaints

We value feedback from our customers, both positive and negative, and ensure that all feedback is considered and where appropriate leads to service improvement.  We follow the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman's Model Complaints Handling Procedure, and monitor our performance monthly.  A quarterly report is submitted to our Management Committee and is published on  This can be found in the About Us, Our Performance section, or click the link below to go directly the Comments & Complaints page.  In addition a comprehensive annual report is submitted to the Management Committee.  

Comments & Complaints

Comments & Complaints Policy

Complaint Analysis

SPSO Complaints Handling Procedure

Tenant Scrutiny

Each year our Tenant Involvement Group (TIG-Scrutiny) chooses an area of our work to examine in more detail, usually because our performance is not as good as we would expect. Information on Tenant Scrutiny and Scrutiny Reports can be found in the Join In section, or click below to be taken directly to the page.

Tenant Scrutiny