Maintenance Calendar

Planned Maintenance 2023-24

Please note that this Planned Maintenance Calendar is subject to change: external work is weather-dependent, some maintenance may be postponed if the current fixtures and fittings are in good condition, supply chain issues and other restrictions may also have an impact on start dates.

Gifford - Kitchen replacements, expected to be complete in late June (complete)

Goose Green Court - Kitchen replacements, starting in early July (in progress)

Plough Lane - Bathroom replacements (pending inspections), starting in May (complete)

Tyne Park - Bathroom replacements, stating in June (in progress)

Stenton - new doors (complete)

Stenton - Rebulding of a boundary wall, expected to start in June

Delta View - New windows, expected to start in Q2

The Maltings - New heating systems, due to start in Q2