Who We Work With

Our Main Contractors

For work that R3 Repairs Limited is unable to carry out on our behalf, we work with a wide range of contractors to ensure the most efficient and cost effective service for our tenants.  We no longer hold an approved contractor list, and instead use Constructionline.


We do of course work with an extensive network of suppliers and contractors, wherever possible locally based, providing anything from milk for staff tea and coffee to solar panels to reduce our tenant's electricty costs.  To ensure that none of our staff or voluntary Committee Members can benefit inappropriately from their connection to ELHA (for example, by being offered preferential rates), staff or Committee use of some of the contractors or suppliers may be restricted in accordance with our Entitlements, Payments and Benefits Policy.

Public Contracts Scotland

Here are full lists of our other Contractors and Suppliers.

Contractors & Suppliers


Procurement is the term to describe how we go about ensuring value for money and determining how contracts for goods or services are placed.  Our Policy below outlines the rules which staff must follow.

 Procurement Policy  Entitlements Payments and Benefits Policy

The value of much of the work we procure is such that we do not often have to engage in Regulated Procurement, although where we do we, of course, follow the rules.  Recent examples of high value contracts which met the requirements for regulation include our external and internal audit services and, currently, our IT infrastructure review.

Regulated Procurement Register 


We appoint both Internal and External Auditors. Our Internal Auditors check our policies, procedures and practices to make sure we are operating efficiently and effectively, and also meeting our legal requirements.  Our External Auditors review our Financial Statements and overall financial controls.