Chargeable Repairs

We will charge tenants for damage done to their property due to misuse or neglect by the tenant, a member of their family, or a visitor. This includes forcing entry to the property for whatever reason or for repairs required following a forced entry.

We can also carry out repairs that are your responsibility on your behalf at a fixed cost. If you want us to carry out a chargeable repair, we will tell you:

  • That the repair is your responsibility
  • How much it will cost you, and
  • That you can arrange the repair yourself using your own contractor

If you agree to us carrying out the repair, we will instruct our contractor and will send you an invoice once the work is complete, which must be paid within 14 days. This invoice includes an administration charge. If you pay the invoice on time we will give you a prompt-payment discount of £25.00.

If you do not pay the invoice we will not instruct any further chargeable repairs on your behalf until you either pay the bill or come to a suitable arrangement to pay repay it.

Read our our chargeable repairs policy