Neighbour Complaints, ASB & Mediation


It’s important to get along with neighbours if you’re going to enjoy living in your home. If something your neighbour does annoys or upsets you then the best thing to do is to tell them about it straight away (they might not realise that they’re causing a problem) to try to resolve the issue before it becomes a serious problem and you fall out over it. Try to put yourself in their shoes – how would you feel if the first you knew of a problem was when a Housing Officer arrived at your door? However, sometimes outside intervention is needed and this section provides information on who to contact if you’re having a problem with a neighbour and haven’t been able to sort it out between you.

If your neighbour approaches you with a problem, please take the time to listen and try to see their point of view. If you refuse to listen, or don’t take the problem seriously, your neighbour may not have any option but to make a complaint about you. It is far better to deal with a problem when it is a small issue between neighbours, rather than letting it grow to the point where one of you is “reported”, the other feels aggrieved and your relationship may be spoiled for good.

While we can offer help and advice when you are dealing with neighbour problems, we can only take action against your neighbour if they are also one of our tenants, and the issues you report are covered by the Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement.

Please see the menu to the right for advice on dealing with specific types of neighbour nuisance.