Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.


Are you the Council?

No, we are not part of the East Lothian, or any other, Council.

There's dog mess all over the place, what's going to be done about it?

If you have told us who has been allowing their dog to foul, the dog mess is on land we own, and the dog owner is our tenant, we will contact them and inform them that they are in breach of their tenancy agreement.  

If you are having problems with dog fouling, we recommend you contact the Council Dog Warden on: 01620 827310, as they have power to fine anyone who allows their dog to foul on public land.

What do I need to do to get a house?

You need to register with These Homes, then apply for homes as they're advertised.

Find out more about applying

How long is your waiting list?

We do not have a waiting list. We operate a choice-based letting system through These Homes.

Find out more about registering

I'm not homeless, what are my chances of getting a house?

If you are homeless, you must register with the Council. Although 50% of our lets go to the homeless, we cannot provide temporary accommodation until a house becomes available.

How does the house exchange work?

You can read all about mutual exchange, and we provide a searchable mutual exchange register which can be accessed on our website.

Search for a mutual exchange

I applied for a house, did I get it?

If you have successfully applied for a house, a member of staff will contact you to let you know. Unfortunately, due to the very high demand for our houses, we have too many unsuccessful applicants for us to notify each individually by phone.  If you would like to be notified, you can log into your These Homes account and set your preferences to e-mail - this will mean you get automatic e-mail updates when properties are allocated.

My kitchen door is broken, do I have to pay for repairs?

If the door was damaged through carelessness or misuse, you have to pay to have it repaired. If the damage is due to normal wear and tear, please log into your My Home account and book a repair.

Can I have an uplift?

No, that is a Council service, please contact the East Lothian Council.

Visit East Lothian Council Website

Can I buy my house?

No, there is no Right to Buy for social housing in Scotland.

Can I get help paying my rent?

You can find information on Universal Credit & Housing Benefit at the below link, and you can access links to organisations who can advise you.

Find out more about Universal Credit & Housing Benefit

My garden is a bit too much work for me now, is there help available?

The Garden Care Scheme may be of help.

Find out more about the Garden Care Scheme

Why can I not stay logged in?

You need to have cookies enabled on your computer to stay logged in. You can change your cookie settings in the 'Tools' section of your browser tool bar.

I've applied for dozens of houses, why didn't I get any of them?

The demand for housing in East Lothian is extremely high. In an average year, we will only have around 60 to 80 properties available to rent, and each one will have around 150 applicants. This is why you must apply for a Priority Pass if you believe you may be eligible.

Find our more about priority passes