New Developments

All new properties will be allocated through These Homes in the same way relets are, unless otherwise specified. They will be advertised on the These Homes website and you can apply online or by calling the These Homes line on 01620 828415. For information on how to register and apply for housing, please go to These Homes, or read the Guide to These Homes.

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Newtonlees (Pikemen Crescent)

Current status: Developer on site

Properties under deveopment:

  • 8 x two bedroom flats
  • 12 x two bedroom houses
  • 7 x three bedroom houses (all now allocated)
  • 2 x four bedroom houses

We expect to receive these properties in several phases, the first and second phases were advertised in late summer/early autumn 2023, the remainder to be spread over late 2023 and early 2024.

Elphinstone West

Current status: Developer currently on site.

Properties under development:

  • 4 x two bedroom cottage flats
  • 9 x two bedroom houses
  • 8 x three bedroom houses
  • 2 x four bedroom houses

The completion date for these properties is yet to be confirmed.