Running a Business from Home

Your home is registered for council tax as residential accommodation. If you want to run a business from your home you must apply to us for permission, and bear in mind that it could affect the council tax you have to pay.

Please remember that if your application requires further documentation (eg: planning permission or an application to make alterations to the property), you will need to submit these to us before we can process your application.  You can also do this in My Home, by using the Document Upload feature.

Some of our properties are located in private developments. In many cases, the Deed of Conditions for private developments states that you cannot run a business from your home. Your Housing Officer will have let you know at your sign-up if the Deed of Conditions for your development prevents you from running a business from home.

If you want to apply to run a business from your home, click on the below link and log in to My Home to complete the application form.

Apply to run a business from home