Door & Window Safety

Door Safety

Certain types of entrances, particularly shared entrances to blocks of flats are fitted with self-closing doors. These are designed to make sure the doors remain closed when not in use. These doors should never be wedged open. The security of your home is at risk if entrance doors are left open and the door entry system (if one is installed) is not used properly.

As self-closing doors are potentially dangerous, you should not let young children play around them.

Never attempt to adjust the self-closing mechanism. Log into My Home and report it as a repair.

If you have a door entry system, please do not let anyone other than your visitors into the stair. Allowing other people in can sometimes lead to problems and disturbance.


Windows, especially those on or above the first floor, can be a source of danger. There is a real risk of infants and small children falling out of open or unlocked windows and suffering serious injuries. We fit safety catches to all windows above ground floor level.

You can help prevent accidents by:

  • Checking that safety catches are fitted to all your windows above ground floor level. If in doubt, contact us
  • Not leaving children alone or unattended in your home
  • Wherever possible, not placing beds or furniture below windows as this provides a climbing platform for a child
  • Not tampering with any window bars which have been fitted