Electrical Problems

Most electrical problems are due to faulty appliances. Electricity can be dangerous, and it is important that you do not attempt to carry out your own electrical repairs.

Your fuse box contains mini circuit breakers (MCB) which switch off the current when it is too high.

If an electrical appliance, such as a light or kettle stops working:

  • Disconnect the appliance or remove the lightbulb which is affected
  • For light fittings, change the bulb and switch the MCB to the on position
  • If the light still does not work when the bulb has been changed switch it off and check whether the MCB has been tripped
  • For power circuits check to see if your appliance is faulty by trying another appliance in the socket. If this works, you have a faulty appliance
  • If another appliance does not work in the socket, switch off the appliance and check to see if the MCB has switched off
  • If the MCB has switched off again, please contact the Repair Line on 03000 999 247