Planned Maintenance & Servicing

Planned Maintenance

As part of the process of keeping your home in good repair, we operate a planned maintenance programme. This programme makes sure that, for example, all metal gutters and downpipes, external woodwork and common stairs are painted regularly.

Planned Maintenance Calendar

Annual Gas Servicing

As your Landlord we are legally required to carry out an annual gas service to your gas heating. It is extremely important that you give us access to your home to carry out this work so that we can make sure that your gas heating is working properly and safely. You will receive a copy of the servicing report direct from the contractor on the day your heating is serviced.

If you do not give us access to carry out the annual service we will force entry to gain access. You must be aware that if this is necessary you will be charged the cost of doing this. The cost of forcing entry can be considerable.

We will normally cut off the gas supply to a gas fired heating system if:

  • You prefer to use another form of heating and are not using the gas fired heating system
  • You have had the gas cut off because you have not paid the bill and we cannot carry out an annual service
  • You have insufficient funds in your prepayment meter to allow us to carry out an annual service

We will reinstate the gas supply to your heating system as soon as you contact us to advise that you want to use the gas heating, you have paid the bill or there are now sufficient funds for us to carry out the annual service. We will carry out the service at the same time as reconnecting the gas.


Landscape Maintenance

All landscaping around our properties is the responsibility of the East Lothian Council. Please note that grass may not be cut on the scheduled day if it is raining heavily or if there is dog fouling in the grass.

Please contact us or click on the help button if you would like further information.

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