Private Landlords

How to find out about private rented accommodation:

  • Read the adverts in local papers
  • Contact local solicitors and estate agents
  • Look out for small ads that appear, for example, on the supermarket notice board or in the windows of some shops and post offices
  • In certain areas the local Tourist Information Centre will have details of some holiday lets, and their owners could be contacted to explore the possibility of winter or longer term lets. There may be a charge for the published list of accommodation
  • Ask around, particularly in the more rural areas, where some private renting opportunities may be "advertised" by word of mouth

Housing law can be a complex issue and it is advisable that anyone considering renting in the private sector obtain guidance on their statutory rights and responsibilities. The Scottish Government produces a large range of housing advice leaflets for the private rented sector.

Private rents can also be found using the following on-line services: