Tenant Involvement Group

The Tenant Involvement Group (TIG) is the collective name of everyone who gets involved in Tenant Participation on some level.


The members of the TIG-Panel oversee all tenant participation activities.  They meet regularly and work with staff to produce an annual action plan of TP activities, review consultation results, spot-check our performance figures before we publish them, and much more.  The Panel is ideal for tenants who are interested in community involvement and working with ELHA staff to effect real change in the organisation.


The members of TIG-Scrutiny investigate our services, to see if they could be improved.  They complete one or two projects per year, by identifying an area where ELHA are under-performing, or where there's low tenant satisfaction, and reviewing the whole process, including the power to quiz ELHA employees!  The scrutiny exercises are very much tenant-led, and ideal for anyone who likes to find out how things work.  


The TIG-Focus are tenants who are willing to take part occasionally, in areas that they're specifially interested in, but don't want to come to formal meetings or deal with things like policy reviews, strategic planning or scrutiny.  The TIG-Focus are more of a 'hands-on' option, for example: attending local estate inspections.


TIG-Web members are tenants who test new digital services, get involved in on-line surveys through our Facebook, etc.  This is a very informal group, and hold no meetings.  Tenants who join the TIG-Web are sent links to new services and surveys and can dip in and out of any projects which interest them.  For example, our TIG-Web tenants were all given the opportunity to access My Home a month before it went live, and half of them took the opportunity to become a My Home 'early adopter'.


Suggest your own way to get involved!  Have a chat to your Housing Officer about your ideas.