Most burglars are opportunists. Take a few simple precautions to reduce any risks:

  • Never leave keys in a 'secret' hiding place, if necessary, leave keys with a trusted neighbour
  • Always lock doors and windows when you go out even for a short time
  • If the house is going to be empty after dark, leave a light on in the living room and draw the curtains
  • If you are going on holiday make sure you remember to cancel newspapers and milk. Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the house
  • Keep ladders locked away out of sight
  • If a workman or official calls, ask for identification. If they cannot produce it, ask them to come back later and use the time to contact their organisation to check that they are genuine
  • If in doubt, call the Police
  • One way to check how secure your home is: when you leave the house, ask the question "If I forgot my keys how would I get back in?" If you can get in without breaking a window or bashing the door in, your home is not secure!