Dogs are not permitted in communal stair flats.  Tenants in communal stair flats who had a dog prior to April 2017 will be allowed to keep their dog, but it must be registered, and they will not be able to get a new dog.  The only exceptions to this are assistance dogs, or where there is strong documentation from a mental health professional that the tenant's mental health will be significantly affected if they cannot replace their deceased dog with any other type of companion animal.

You are allowed to keep pets in your home unless they are forbidden by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, any other law or the ELHA rule above. You must keep your pets under control and make sure that they do not cause a disturbance. We are entitled to ask you to remove your pet if it is causing a nuisance. You can also be prosecuted and fined, for example, if your dog barks continually or you do not clean up after your dog. It is a breach of your Scottish Secure Tenancy if your pet causes nuisance or annoyance to others.

Please be aware that while most of our homes do not have restrictions on the number or type(s) of pet you own, there may be restrictions in the Deed of Conditions, or ELC restrictions, ie: in the case of domestic fowl or livestock.

Download ELC dog nuisance advisory leaflet