Join the Exchange List

There are not enough homes in East Lothian to go around, so you may be faced with a long wait to be rehoused if you need to move, or simply fancy a change.  A mutual exchange, where two tenants with a secure tenancy agreement swap homes, can be a quicker way to get the home you want.

You can exchange your home with anyone who has a secure tenancy:

  • A Housing Association tenant - either with us or any other Housing Association
  • A Council tenant - either East Lothian Council or any other UK Council
  • Any other secure housing provider, e.g. a housing co-operative

We would only refuse an application for an exchange if we have a good reason to do this. For example if you, or the person you want to exchange with:

  • Have rent arrears or owe money for other tenancy debts such as chargeable repairs, legal expenses or benefit overpayments, etc.
  • Have been involved in anti-social behaviour
  • Have allowed your home to deteriorate to an unacceptable condition or breached any other tenancy condition
  • Have applied to exchange into an unsuitable property (more than one spare bedroom, too small, medical adaptations that you don’t need)
  • If you have altered your home without our permission and the work isn’t to an acceptable standard

If you are on Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, and apply to exchange into a property where you will have a spare room, you will have an under occupation charge deducted from your Housing Benefit or the rent element of Universal Credit. You may be able to claim a Discretionary Housing Payment from East Lothian Council to cover this shortfall.

To make it easier for secure tenants in East Lothian to find an exchange, we run a joint list with East Lothian Council (ELC) called East Lothian X-Changes. The X-Changes list is easy to join and use. You can join the list and search for a new home on and on ELC’s website

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can fill out a paper application form and ask our staff to run a search on suitable available exchange listings at our Head Office, or check the printed listings in ELC offices.

Your address and property details will appear on the website, with a contact phone number or e-mail address, whichever you prefer. You do not have to provide contact details, but we will not contact you on someone else’s behalf. This means that if you don’t leave a phone number or e-mail address, anyone who wants to exchange with you will have to write you a letter or visit your home.

Add Your Home to the List