Paper Free Campaign

We encourage any tenant who has access to e-mails at least once a week to go paper free.  We estimate that each letter we send costs an average of £1, while sending the same letter as an e-mail costs less than 5p.  That's a 95% saving for every single letter we send paper-free.

The benefit to tenants is that e-mail is much faster, and clicking on a link to complete a survey in My Home or Survey Monkey is much easier than receiving a paper form, finding a pen to fill it out, putting it in an envelope and walking to the nearest postbox.

Going paper-free means that all your communication with us will be via your My Home account and e-mail.  This includes regular mailings, like the Talkback newsletter, and things we need to consult on you with, like the annual rent increase consultation.  Any tenancy management letters will come as attachments to an e-mail, and your e-mail address will be held on a mailing list which we will not sell on. We will not share your e-mail address with any third party, unless they are providing us with a service you receive paper-free, e.g. a large scale tenant satisfaction survey carried out by an external contractor.