Joint Tenancies

You may apply to add a member of your household as a joint tenant, e.g. a spouse or partner. This will only be granted where the proposed joint tenant has lived in the in the home for at least 12 months, and we can only refuse consent where there are reasonable grounds for doing so.  The 12 month qualifying period starts on the date we are notified that the person is a member of the household, not the date they moved in.

A joint tenant can end their interest in a joint tenancy, by giving us and the other joint tenant four weeks notice, in writing. This will end their interest in the tenancy, but will not end the tenancy.

If you have a joint tenancy and we have grounds to believe that a joint tenant isn't living in the property, we will write telling them that we intend to end their share of the tenancy.  They will have 4 weeks to respond to our letter.  If they do not respond, we will write again and their tenancy will end 4 weeks later.  Copies of these letters will be sent to the remaining tenant.

To apply for a joint tenancy, please log into My Home and fill out the form in the 'Making Changes section.

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