Children will, and should, play outside, and this usually involves some kind of noise. While we appreciate that this type of daytime noise can be annoying for some people, unless the noise is excessive and persistent, it’s just part of living in a community.

If you think the noise is excessive, and it happens all the time, there are several things you can do:

  • Talk to the parents – they may not be aware that there is a problem
  • If there is no improvement, report the problem to your Housing Officer


If a child has damaged your property, either by accident, because they’re too young to know better, or through vandalism, your first action should be to talk with the child(ren)’s parents. If this is not effective, you may consider the Resolution Service, and if you believe that the damage is not accidental, contact the Police.


Children make and break friendships frequently, and sometimes a falling out can result in bullying behaviour. This is not a tenancy issue, and we will not normally get involved. Contact the children’s parents and/or the Resolution Service. If you think there is a risk of harm to a child, we would recommend contacting the children’s school for advice or the Police.

Note: If the child(ren) do not live in one of our properties, we will not normally get involved.

Contact Info

Police Scotland

Tel: 101

East and Midlothian Resolution Service

Tel: 01620 827753