Customer Service Standards

For our quickest service - Use My Home and go Paper Free!

You can access your My Home account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Most services In My Home are self-service, so there's no waiting for working hours, for phones to be picked up or for a letter to be delivered.  Don't forget to go paper free too, so you receive letters and other messages from is instantly (and you'll receive a £5 discount off your rent).

The response times on our Timescales page are the times we aim to meet after we receive your enquiry.  So, if you can, don't send things through the post - that takes time and costs you (and us) money.  Simply send it directly from your My Home account using the contact form, the document upload tool, or one of the many forms and surveys available in My Home, and we'll get it as soon as we open on the next working day.

Using My Home and going Paper Free can reduce the time from when you send us your enquiry to receiving our response by several days.

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