Dog Nuisance


If barking is frequent and at unsociable hours, and you are disturbed by it, there are things you can do:

Talk to your neighbour – they may not be aware that there is a problem

If the noise continues, contact the Dog Warden, who is part of the Safer Communities Team at East Lothian Council

Consider applying to the Justice of the Peace Court for an Order under S49(2) of The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. Your Housing Officer can give you more details about this, but it will involve court costs.

ELC's Annoying_Creatures_Procedure

Dog Fouling

We can only investigate and take action if the fouling is in a communal area that we own and there is proof of whose dog is the culprit. For dog fouling in the street, you need to contact the Dog Warden who has the power to fine owners who allow their dog to foul in public places.

Stray Dogs

The Council, in partnership with the Police, collects stray dogs. If you notice a stray dog, please contact the Dog Warden (or Police Scotland if out of office hours).

Contact Info

East Lothian Council’s Safer Communities Team

Tel: 01875 824 307
Police Scotland
Tel: 101