How We Work and Make Decisions

The Role of Our Management Committee

Our Management Committee is primarily responsible for running our business and ensuring that we comply with legal and regulatory requirements. The Role descriptions below provide further detail.

Chair's Role Description

Management Committee Member's Role Description


Our Standing Orders & Financial Regulations

Our Standing Orders provide detailed procedures for Management Committee and staff on how the Group’s business is conducted in order to comply with our Rules, and ensure that a framework exists to enable decisions to be made between Management and Sub-Committee meetings.  Our Financial Regulations form part of these Standing Orders, but are held as a separate document for ease of reference.

Standing Orders Policy Document

Financial Regulations

Our Decisions

All of the decisions made by our Sub-Committees and Management Committee are recorded in the minutes of the meetings.  Decisions made by our Sub-Committees are reported to our Management Committee.  Minutes of meetings are available on request by e-mailing

Consulting Our Tenants

Tenant Participation and Consultation is embedded in all our service delivery.  We consult with our tenants and other service users on issues which affect them. The Join In section of this website contains information on how we work with tenants to improve our services and service delivery.

Join In

Consultation Reports

We consult with tenants and other stakeholders to gain insight into the quality of our services or whenever we plan to make a change that would affect someone's tenancy.  Consultation reports can be found in About Us, Our Performance, or click below for a sample of some of our recent consultations.  

TSS Report

2023 Rent Increase Consultation