Who is Responsible for Repairs?

We are responsible for most of the repairs to your home.  There are some items for which you are responsible.  You are also responsible for repairs which would be our responsibility, but where the damage has been caused by carelessness, negligence, or an accident on your part.  You can get home insurance policies that cover the cost of such repairs.

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Repairs that you are responsible for include:


  • Doorbell (except door entry systems)
  • Door chain]
  • Door numbers/nameplate
  • Keys
  • Night latch, eg: Yale (unless fitted by us)


  • Electric fire (unless we have fitted it)
  • Plugs
  • Smoke detector batteries
  • Kitchen
  • Cooker, fridge and washing machine
  • Sink, plug and chain


  • Washing machine fittings (unless we have fitted them)


  • Shower unit (unless we provided the unit)
  • Toilet seat
  • Bath and sink plugs


  • Fencing (unless we provided the fencing)
  • Inside decoration, including wall tiles
  • Shed