About Us

East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) was founded in 1988 with the aim of providing good quality affordable housing within East Lothian. All of our properties are in East Lothian.

We are a charity and do not operate to make a profit. While our early work was in building new homes for rent, we now own and manage a wide variety of housing:

  • Ex Scottish Homes houses acquired in 1996
  • Over 900 properties built by ELHA (Own Build)
  • Amenity properties for older people
  • Shared Ownership and Low Cost Home Ownership properties
  • Workshop Homes
  • We have 1,466 properties in total:
    • 1366 homes for affordable rent
    • 35 shared ownership homes
    • 65 other properties, e.g. garages, workshops and our office building

We are controlled by a Management Committee made up of voluntary, unpaid members who are elected at our Annual General Meeting.  Our Management Committee oversees the running of the organisation and is responsible for making decisions on issues such as housing policy and expenditure.  Membership of our Management Committee is not restricted to tenants of the Association but is open to anyone with an interest in housing in East Lothian.

A few facts about us:

  • Including R3 staff, we employ 87 staff members
  • There are 13 voluntary Committee members on our Management Committee. 
  • We have 91 members (at 2023)
  • We obtained charitable status in March 1999.

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