Captain Discount

Our Key Tenant Scheme Rent Discounts can reduce your rent by up to £25 a month (and if our proposals are agreed, £30 a month from April 2024).

We remain the only housing association offering Rent Discounts in the UK, so use your unique opportunity to reduce your rent – and don’t forget that tenants receiving Housing Benefit or Universal Credit are allowed to keep their Rent Discounts in full.

If you are already receiving a Bronze or Gold Key Tenant Rent Discount, now is the time to upgrade further. The table below shows the difference upgrading can make.

For a tenant not currently receiving any Rent Discounts, upgrading to Platinum reduces the increase to just 0.9%. Or, for a Bronze Key Tenant, upgrading to Platinum reduces the increase to 1.9%, whilst upgrading to Gold reduces the increase to 4%, well below inflation.

Graph table

The table shows the increase to the average monthly rent of £485.63

So, what are you waiting for? Just login to your My Home account and click on the Key Tenant Scheme box to find out more.

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