ELHA Assistance Scheme

We operate an Assistance Scheme to help tenants where there is a shortfall in benefits, either because they are under occupying a property (commonly known as the 'Bedroom Tax') or because of the Universal Credit 'waiting period'.

Under Occupancy

Under our allocation policy, we have different criteria for under occupancy.  Anyone who is under occupying our property because of this policy is automatically accepted into the scheme if their claim for discretionary housing benefit fails.

We also allow exchange tenants to under occupy by one bedroom, as long as they agree that they will cover any shortfall in benefit.

ELHA Assistance Scheme - Under Occupancy

To apply for the under occupancy portion of the Assistance Scheme, please contact your Housing Officer to discuss your situation.

Universal Credit Waiting Period

The waiting period means that even though an applicant has been assessed as being entitled to receive Universal Credit payments, the payments, which will include an amount to cover rent, will only start after the waiting period is over i.e. from day 8 onwards.  This waiting period ended in February 2018.  The assistance scheme will remain active for a short period for anyone whose UC application pre-dates the change.

ELHA Assistance Scheme - UC Waiting Period 

To apply for assistance, please complete the Universal Credit Waiting Period Write Off Application Form, or talk to your Housing Officer.


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