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We were the first Housing Association in the UK to put all our services on-line via our My Home service, where tenants can book repairs directly into an operative's calendar, make a rent payment and have it update the system immediately, update their household details, apply for a change in tenancy and much more. Almost two thirds of our tenants manage aspects of their tenancies through My Home, and 43% of our tenants have opted in to our paper-free service.  

In 2017 we launched the Key Tenant Scheme, a financial incentive for those tenants who are able, to manage their tenancies online largely through self-service, freeing staff resources to concentrate more on tenants who require support to sustain their tenancies.  In order to make this scheme open to all tenants, we received Ministerial Consent to discount a tenant's rent without it negatively affecting their Housing Benefit or Universal Credit entitlement.

My Home 

Key Tenant Scheme 

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Friends & Family

We also have a Live Help service, where tenants and other service users can 'chat' to a member of staff during working hours.  This feature is available on every page of elha.com (so it can be used by other stakeholders or interested parties. It's on the left, under the menu - if you have any questions about how it works, why not click and ask?) and on My Home.

Although all our services are available online, we have not replaced any of the traditional services - we also publish a wide range of information leaflets, guides to services and a quarterly newsletter, which are all available as both printed and downloadable documents.


More information about our services can be found in the Services section, or by clicking the link below.


Our Staff

You've seen Our People in a previous section, click the link below for a larger image.  Our stock is split up into Housing Officer areas, although each Housing Officer has a day a week as a 'duty' Housing Officer, answering enquiries from tenants by phone or e-mail.

Our People

Housing Officer Areas

How We Consult

All of our consultations are available in both print and electronic format, and can be provided in other formats on request.  We consult tenants on any decision which may affect their tenancy.  We follow a consultation procedure which you can download below.

Consultation Procedure