Tap Your Home Screen to Access My Home

My Home

Published: 26/01/2023

As My Home is designed specifically for phones, all that is needed to turn the webpage into an app is to save it to your home screen, and save your password so you stay logged in.

How you add the My Home icon to your home screen depends on the type of browser you’re using, but for all of them you start by opening My Home (https://myhome.elha.com) and logging in:

  1. In Safari, click the add icon and select ‘Add to Home Screen’
  2. In Chrome, click the menu dots and select ‘Add to Home Screen’
  3. In various Android browsers, click the bookmark star, then the drop-down and select ‘Add to Home Screen’

Once My Home is on your phone’s home screen, you just need to tap to access all our services.

There’s more to come on the topic of apps, but that’s for a future edition…

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