Social Distancing

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Published: 29/06/2020

Social Distancing is hard, and understandably some may be starting to relax a little, but please respect other people’s decision to remain safe.  If you live in a communal stair where your neighbours may be shielding, do not invite friends or visiting family through that communal area unless they are taking sensible precautions, e.g. they should not be showing any symptoms, they should be covering their mouth and nose, and either using hand sanitiser, or single use gloves.

And please remember – even if someone isn’t showing symptoms, they can still be infectious.

If you feel a neighbour is being reckless, you can report them to the Police.  We cannot deal with breaches of Social Distancing in the same way that the Police can – we have no power to do anything other than treat it as a neighbour dispute whereas the Police can issue warnings and fines.    If you prefer not to get the Police involved, we can offer a referral to the Resolution Service for mediation between you and your neighbour.

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