Rent Increase Consultation Results

18 Mar 2024



As always, a huge thank you to the 426 tenants who took part again this year.  The results of the consultation are now available on our consultation microsite.

2024 Results

The rent increase has now been confirmed, and everyone should have already received their rent increase letter, either via e-mail, or in the post for our offline tenants.  If you’re not sure what your new rent will be from 1 April, please log into your My Home account, and the letter can be found in your ‘My Documents’ section.

At the same time, we are also  increasing Bronze, Gold and Platinum Rent Discounts by an extra £5 a month, to £10, £20 and £30 a month.  This means our tenants can now save up to £360 a year off their rent, and anyone upgrading now will have a much lower rent increase as a result.