Occasionally Asked Questions

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Published: 28/06/2022

(A bit like a FAQ, but less frequent)

Q: Can I keep a snake in my home?

A: Yes, as long as the snake is legal to own in the UK, non-venomous and housed appropriately.

Q: What will happen to ELHA housing stock if the government give the greenlight to reintroducing the right to buy?

A: This proposal is for England and Wales only, and as social housing is a devolved sector, this would not affect us.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to maintain our car park?

A: That depends on where it is; some car parks are public and are adopted  by East Lothian Council, and some are owned by us. You can report issues about those owned by us the same way you report issues with any other communal area (we have a plan in the works to make this easier– watch this space).  If you are unsure who owns the car park in your area please get in touch and we can let you know.

Q: Do I have to ask permission to build a shed in my garden?

A: Yes.  You must receive written permission from us before building any fixed structures in your garden.  You should also check with East Lothian Council’s Planning Department, in case they have any additional restrictions in your area.

Q: Are you building new houses?

A: Yes, but whilst we have a number of active discussions with developers, it is not easy to agree contracts and prices with them at the moment, given uncertainties in the labour and materials markets. We do have one small development on site at Hardgate in Haddington to convert our old office into three new affordable homes, and we hope to announce news of some new developments soon which we hope to complete in 2023 - watch this space!

(Keep these questions coming – you can e-mail them directly to info@elha.com or use the ‘Suggestions for Talkback’ form in your My Ideas & Opinions box in My Home)

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