Making Changes to Your Home

Dog Lady

Published: 30/09/2022

Just a wee reminder that if you make changes to your home without our permission, you may need to undo them when you move out, or we may need to charge you for doing the work on your behalf.  Please make sure that  any alterations or improvements you make won’t cause problems for you down the line.

For example: 

Sticky floor tiles can transform a kitchen or bathroom but getting them and their glue back up can take a while, and that can run up a charge for the former tenant if they’ve not taken them up before they leave.

Painting kitchen cupboard doors can be a fun way to cheer up a kitchen, but painted doors often need to be replaced, and the cost of a replacement door will be charged to the former tenant.

Putting a doggy door or cat flap into your back door may make life easier, but if you move, that back door may need to be replaced, and doors can be very expensive.

If you’re planning on doing a bit of updating, and aren’t sure if you need permission, please get in touch.  You can fill in the contact form in My Home, e-mail us at, or call our Asset Management Team on 01620 825032, following the phone system for ‘other maintenance issue’ and then choosing the alterations option.

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