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Published: 15/09/2020

This year’s Scottish Housing Day theme is social housing.  So we’ve collected quotes from our tenants and staff on what’s great about social housing.

“I moved into this street when I retired and I loved it straight away.  There is good local transport, a great Doctor’s surgery, and a really nice community feel.  I have a disability now and the Housing Officers were wonderful in helping me to move to my current flat.  It’s warm, quiet, and I have a little garden to enjoy.  I am very happy and content here.  I think social housing is wonderful, and having homes like mine around villages in East Lothian is so important.”

Ms F, tenant since 2009

“I think social housing is really important because it gives people a real home.  I’ve found with my friends that it’s really difficult for us to be able to move out of our family homes because of how expensive housing is in East Lothian.  We’ve found that private rents can be really hard to get and aren’t always well maintained or updated.  There can also be a lot of restrictions on things like being allowed to decorate or even put pictures up on the walls.  With our tenancies, they are really people’s homes for the long term where they can put their own stamp on and know that their homes will get updated in time.  There are good standards for someone moving in too with properties cleaned and repairs done – when I moved into my private let there were old tins of paint and cat food in the cupboards!”

K, ELHA Modern Apprentice

Karen inspecting one of our Wildflower Crescent new builds“Scottish Housing Day is a great opportunity to praise the excellent work our sector does to make a real difference in peoples lives. I fell into a career in social housing in 1990, first working with Scottish Homes dealing with Housing Benefit and then I moved into Housing Management and never left!  I’ve worked in a variety of roles throughout Mid and East Lothian and have heard so many different  life stories from tenants, none which have been the same.  I’ve seen the difference a good quality, affordable home can make and how vital it is to a person's well being over and over again, from young families just starting out, to women fleeing abusive relationships, and people who have been left unable to leave their homes due to medical issues - I just don’t think I can place a value on the importance of social housing.  I really enjoyed my recent visit to our latest development in Ormiston and I’m delighted to know that a number of our existing tenants with housing needs will shortly move into these lovely new homes.” 

Karen, Director of Housing

“My partner and I are just in the process of moving into our new tenancy and are so happy.  Without social housing, we simply wouldn’t have a home together.  Our new flat is really nice and when we reported a problem everyone was so helpful and resolved it quickly.  Our neighbours have been really welcoming too.  It’s just so nice to have something to call our own.”

Ms S, tenant since September 2020

Today we’d like you to comment (on Facebook) with something you appreciate about your home.  We’ve all been stuck at home for months, and it’s very easy to focus on the negatives, but just for today, lets focus on the positives.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just something that you appreciate.

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