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Published: 26/01/2023

We’re now on year three of our three year rent deal.  Tenants had agreed on an inflation only increase this year, but no one could have anticipated how high inflation would get.

Our costs go up by inflation (sometimes more), which is why our rents are generally tied to inflation.  However, after a lot of very careful number crunching, we are able to consult on a much lower increase, without having to cut vital services.

So, instead of an increase of 14%, Captain Discount has been able to zap off more than half of that (8%) and we’re now consulting on an increase of 6%. This is still more than anyone would like, but the best compromise between increasing rents in line with costs or cutting things like the Money Advice Service or this year’s planned maintenance (kitchen, bathroom, heating, etc replacements).

Let us know what you think (this is required for Platinum Key tenants) by clicking the button below to review the proposal, and complete the consultation form.

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