Are You Making the Most of My Home?

My Home

Published: 24/06/2021

As most of our staff are still working from home and may be hard to reach by phone, we’d like to remind everyone that My Home is still the fastest and easiest way to manage your tenancy.  In My Home you can:

  • Apply for a rent discount through our Key Tenant Scheme* 
  • Update your household and contact details 
  • Report a repair or request a property inspection
  • Leave feedback on repairs
  • Make a rent payment, or print off a copy of your rent statement
  • Apply for permission for any number of things, from adding a joint tenant to putting up a shed
  • Make a complaint 
  • Take part in any consultations we’re running
  • Review all the documents, including e-mails and letters we have on record for you

And that’s just the most-used services – there’s a lot more in there, and you have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

My Home

*If you receive a Gold or Platinum discount, you are expected to manage your tenancy through My Home, and your discount may be downgraded to Bronze if you phone the office and ask staff to do things you could have completed in your My Home account.  This does not mean you cannot call us if you’re a Gold or Platinum Key Tenant, just that you need to check if you can do what needs to be done in My Home first.

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