Exchanging Your Home

When Your Exchange is Approved

Once we have agreed that you can exchange your home, we need to complete various safety checks. We can’t agree a date for you to move until these have been done. You should not arrange any removal vans until you have heard back from both landlords that the exchange can go ahead and a date to sign your new tenancy agreement has been arranged.

Getting Ready to Move

If you have a joint tenancy, you will both have to sign your new tenancy agreement. Please make sure you are both available to sign up.

Do not move until you have signed your new tenancy agreement. If you move before you have signed your new agreement and the person you are exchanging with changes their mind, you will have to move back.

If the person you are exchanging with said they would carry out repairs, make sure they have done them. If they have not completed any repairs, they will become your responsibility as you have accepted the property in the condition they’ve left it. While we will repair any damage due to wear and tear, we will not carry out any repairs which are the tenant’s responsibility, e.g. damage to walls, chips in bathroom fittings, etc.

Other Information

  • If you change your mind about exchanging, you can drop out at any time before you sign your new tenancy agreement.
  • If you change your mind after you have signed your tenancy agreement, you cannot move back to your old home unless the other tenant agrees, and you go through the exchange process again.
  • If you, or the person you are exchanging with, have no intention of moving into the property, and the exchange has been contrived so that someone can ‘jump the queue’ to a new home, we will take legal action to end your tenancy and force you to return to your home or end your tenancy.

If you have any questions and would like to know more about mutual exchanges, please contact us by clicking on the Live Help button on elha.com, by e-mail at info@elha.com or telephone us on 01620 825032 and select the options for mutual exchange enquiries from the phone system.



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