Neighbour Complaints, Anti-Social Behaviour & Mediation

Every tenant is responsible for their own behaviour and the behaviour of all the members of their household including visitors and pets.  Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, anti social behaviour is any behaviour which harms the quality of life of residents in an area, and is a breach of your Agreement.

Such behaviour causes distress or alarm, and can include: threats, drug dealing, theft, vandalism, noise, disturbance or abusive behaviour.

If you are annoyed by the behaviour of a neighbour, this is not automatically anti-social behaviour, but can still be reported as a neighbour complaint.  For example, day time noise from children, inconvenient parking, annoying pets, etc.  To find out more about how to deal with these, please download our 'Getting Along With Neighbours' leaflet.  Also available is a link to more information on the Resolution Service, which provides medation for neighbours.

Drug Use/Dealing

We take drug use/ dealing very seriously. We will consider taking repossession action against a tenant if they, anyone who lives with them, or any visitors to their home are found guilty of using our property for the use or supply of drugs.  We cannot investigate criminal behaviour, so if you suspect a neighbour is dealing drugs, you must report this to the Police.  

Harassment & Racial Harassment

Harassment is the deliberate interference with the peace, comfort or safety of any person. Harassing anyone on the grounds of race, colour, religious belief, gender age, sexual orientation, culture, physical or mental disability, or lifestyle is a breach of your tenancy agreement and in some cases can be a criminal offence. This includes graffiti, damage to property, abuse and threats.

Neighbour Nuisance

Neighbour nuisance coveres a wide range of behaviour, from anti-social noise to incompatible lifestyles.  If the behaviour clearly breaches the Tenancy Agreement, we will get involved to take action.  If the behaviour does not breach the tenancy agreement, we can signpost tenants to mediation services, but will not 'take sides'.

Getting Along With Neighbours

Mediation Service


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